How to Keep it Personal in Volume Hiring

The challenges of recruitment and retention are felt most keenly by those of us recruiting at volume. This is the sharp end of hiring where time and cost are highly pressured and any failure to have the right people in the right places is felt immediately by the business.

In sectors where high volume recruitment is the norm – namely hospitality, recruitment and customer service; technology is being adopted at a rapid pace to help relieve the pressure and deliver a better recruitment journey.

Maintaining the human connection

A better candidate experience and more right-fit hires who are well-prepared on day one, paired with reduced cost and time to hire is the solution we’re all dreaming of. As more companies adopt better tech, we’re seeing more examples of it being done well.

But, recruitment tech has received some bad press lately. We recently heard Amazon has scrapped one of its recruitment algorithms after it was shown to be biased towards male candidates. According to candidates interviewed by the Guardian, job-hunting in the age of AI is “dehumanising, impenetrable, frustrating.”

At all stages of the recruitment process, alienation is dangerous.

To avoid losing personality and alienating candidates companies need to use tech that makes hiring scalable but maintains the human connection. Tech shouldn’t be used at the expense of employer brand, relationship building and communication, but to facilitate the journey.

Creating conversations

We know there are gaps and inconsistencies in the way companies hire. This recent report from LaunchPad into candidate experience in retail and hospitality revealed some interesting statistics. 30% of companies don’t respond to applicants at all, it took an average of 19 days for companies who did respond to reply to candidates about whether or not they had been successful, and 62% of companies have inconsistencies in their process, resulting in differing experiences for candidates.

At Hollaroo we believe that creating conversations early on, and maintaining them throughout the employee lifecycle, is key to success. And that technology can facilitate conversations to make them meaningful for the business and for candidates.

  • What are people saying about us as employer?

  • Are we delivering on our promises as an organisation?

  • For what types of roles do we struggle to attract and retain people?

And for candidates

  • What will my career prospects look like if I join?

  • How have successful people in the business got to where they are now?

  • Are there flexible working arrangements and how do they work?

Building communities where these conversations can happen improves hiring success:

  • Attraction – build communities around target talent populations and give them the facility to engage, ask questions, build interest.

  • Recruitment – allow members of the community to self-select or de-select, share details of roles, enable people to make referrals.

  • Retention – create a place for people to have conversations around topics like flexible working, enable employees to build networks that support their next career move.

All of this is possible, at volume, with the use of technology. There is a balance to be stuck between recruiters’ time being spent answering questions 1:1 and a purely tech-based recruitment process. Including a platform like Hollaroo as part of the journey brings the human connection without compromising on scale.

Addressing pain-points

Common issues our clients tell us about in the retail, hospitality and customer service industries include:

  • Candidates reneging on offers

  • Poor candidate engagement and high drop-outs

  • A lack of engagement from hiring managers

  • Clash between centralised and decentralised hiring practices

  • High 90-day attrition rates

Build lasting connections and relationships through engaging interactions and conversations. Hollaroo is a social talent platform supporting full cycle candidate engagement from initial attraction, on boarding, internal mobility, Alumni and referrals. Underpinned by GDPR compliant digital automation, the platform is a light touch installation and by undertaking the heavy lifting, increases the value of your existing investment by integrating to your ATS.

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